Don’t be shy - we’ve seen it all before. Just tell us where you’d like to be hair free and we’ll use our luxury intimate wax to give you super-smooth results, super fast. No blushes!

Waxu waxing is less painful than ordinary wax as it shrink wraps and encapsulates the hair so does not pull on the skin.

Please have a look at the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS area

on the Waxu website to find out more about the Waxu waxing system.

For Best Results Waxu recommends at least 3 weeks of hair growth

after shaving.

The hair must be around the length of a grain of rice (1/4 inch).

For further information and to book your appointment, please call us on 07391 353353

Find out more about the Waxu waxing system by clicking on photo below:

Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Waxu Express Intimate Waxing
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