Reasons for choosing us:

  • We use Outback Organics, Italwax, Perron Rigot & Waxu - the best waxes on the market today

  • We are Ruff Stuff Bodycare Stockist

  • Friendly, gentle & confidential service

  • Discreet and private location

  • A comfortable unisex environment

  • Service provided by a qualified esthetician (Waxer)

  • Transgender friendly salon

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Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Outback Organics
Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Perron Rigot
​​Our service is affordable, fast, easy and very reliable.
As opposed to shaving, which removes hair off at the skin line and whose effects last only a day or two, waxing removes hair from the root, which means the smooth results of a professional wax can last up to a MONTH.
The more you wax the less hair growth you see!
We are fully trained and certified on full body waxing and intimate waxing.
For female intimate areas we use WAXU Express Wax and we are the only accredited salon in area.

What are the benefits of waxing?

There are a lot of reasons why people choose waxing, here are just a few...

  • More hygienic and cleaner

  • Cooler body

  • No stubble or coarseness from regrowth

  • Improved performance for athletic people

  • Muscle definition

  • Emphasises tattoos and piercings

  • Waxing of intimate areas enhances sexual pleasure

  • Heightens sensitivity

  • Increases self confidence

  • Partners preference

  • Makes you feel good

  • Reduces hair growth by waxing on a regular basis

Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Male Waxing Price List
Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Female Waxing Price List
Silk Skin Grimsby Waxing Studio - Waxu Express Intimate Waxing
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